Ancestors and Ancestral Healing

By Heather Crane.  February 2, 2019.


What is Ancestral Healing?

Ancestral Healing is the act of healing your ancestor’s unresolved traumas or distressing experiences.  What happened to our family in the past is present in our energy today, passed down to us through generations.  This includes positive traits.  Our ancestors excelled and worked for many things, which have been passed down to us.  We are all energetically connected across all distances and times, and this energy flows throughout our whole light body.  Memories can be imprinted into our genetics from our ancestors.  Science is slowly catching up and proving that information about traumatic experiences chemically change DNA and are passed down through the generations.¹

Why is Ancestral Healing Important?


Ancestral Healing is selfless work as it can contribute to the healing of Our Earth and the Akashic Records.  Because energy flows through all times, we can be stunted by the traumatic energies of the past.  We must surrender past contracts that no longer serve us, and learn to love and forgive.

How Can Healing Begin?

Everyone has their own path so there is no one answer to this, nor is there a wrong answer.  Clearing your chakras and raising your vibration can help you connect with the Universe to ask what is needed. Some people also find that working with crystals in the shape of skulls can help with connecting with their ancestors. You can use stones like Rose Quartz to stimulate love, Labradorite to stimulate your psychic abilities, and so on. Contact us if you would like to learn more.


¹ Gray, Richard.  Phobias may be memories passed down in genes from ancestors.  The Telegraph. 01 December 2013. Accessed on 02 January 2019.